AWS and How does it Work?

How AWS works



Databases, data management

Migration, hybrid cloud


Developer tools

Management and monitoring

Security and governance

Big data management and analytics

  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce, which offers a Hadoop framework to process large amounts of data.
  • Amazon Kinesis, which provides several tools to process and analyze streaming data.
  • AWS Glue, which is a service that handles extract, transform, and load jobs.
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service enables a team to perform application monitoring, log analysis, and other tasks with the open-source Elasticsearch tool.
  • Amazon Athena for S3, which allows analysts to query data.
  • Amazon QuickSight, which helps analysts visualize data.

Artificial intelligence

Mobile development

Messages and notifications

AR & VR (Augmented reality and virtual reality)

  • 3D web applications
  • E-commerce & sales applications
  • Marketing
  • Online education
  • Manufacturing
  • Training simulations
  • Gaming

Game development

Internet of Things

Other services

  • The Amazon Chime service enables online video meetings, calls, and text-based chats across devices.
  • Amazon WorkDocs, which is a file storage and sharing service
  • Amazon WorkMail, which is a business email service with calendaring features.

AWS pricing models and competition



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